AL Petroholding B.V. is an international energy company headquartered in Amsterdam  in Netherland. Its main goal is to distribute high quality liquid fuels like petrol, gas oil and fuel oil. There is also LPG gas in the offer. Additionally, through the network of subsidiaries the company distributes alternative fuels such as coal, agricultural commodities and building materials. Our products are available throughout Europe.

An additional aspect of the company development is making investments by purchasing holdings or shares in existing economic initiatives operating in diverse areas of European economy. Our company sales offices are located in Amsterdam , Warsaw and the head office in Amsterdam in Netherland.

We invite you to cooperate with us.

Our vision

Our main goal is to invest in all modern fuel oriented markets – accordingly modifying their products or replacing them with the low-carbon ones. What is more, another important attribute of our activity is diversification of investments. We focus not on one or a few, but on many investments what guarantees the long term profit.

Main goals

AL Petroholding B.V. has three main goals. Most of all, increasing the investment capital. The second goal is to invest in modern, low-carbon oriented companies. The third goal is to establish the best cooperation conditions with our partners.

Our strategy

AL Petroholding B.V. currently focus on expanding sales network and exchange points. We actively invest in development in countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia.

Investmen sector

AL Petroholding B.V. successfully invests in the energy sector and wide scope of power engineering. We are interested in liquid fuel, fossil fuel, renewable energy and low-carbon fuel markets. Our experts monitor global markets daily in search for the best companies with high investment potential.