Feed Materials Distribution Division

We offer various types of feed for GMO animals as well without GMOs

Soybean meal LP 44, 44% protein

Product quality parameters:

  • Protein content - min 44%
  • Moisture max 10%
  • Fat max 7%
  • Fiber max 6%

Soybean meal HP 49, 46% protein

Quality parameters of the goods:

  • Protein content min 46%
  • Moisture max 10%
  • Fat max 7%
  • Fiber max 6%

Soybean meal noGMO 46, 46% protein

Quality parameters of the goods:

  • protein content min. 46%
  • fat content max. 7%
  • water content max. 10%
  • protein digestibility at the level of min. 95%
  • high level of protected protein

NO GMO a product made from selected grains

 Our meal contains a high content of highly digestible protein (minimum 44%), rich in amino acids. The fat content of the pellets is max. 7% and also contains a lot minerals and vitamins.

Soybean meal, due to its positive effect and high digestibility has many uses. It is used as a feed for poultry and pigs pigs and cattle, positively influencing the development and health of the herd.

Moreover, growers using this product are witnessing a dynamic weight gain in animals after only a few weeks of use. The product includes many valuable vitamins and substances supporting their absorption, thanks which also improves the health of animals and the appearance of their hair.

Rapeseed meal.

It is a by-product obtained in the process of pressing oil from seeds rapeseed. Due to the high protein content, rapeseed meal is a fully valuable feed component in animal nutrition

The product is mainly used in the feeding of ruminants and pigs pig and poultry.

Below are the quality parameters of the goods:

  • Protein min. 33%
  • Fat 1%
  • Moisture 11%
  • Fiber 12%

Please send all information to: feeds@al-petroholding.com

Fuel Distribution Division

Fuel Materials Distribution

We offer a wide range of ecological fuels and bagged eco-pea coal Wood pellets, class A1

Wood pellets, class A1, Product quality parameters:

  • Calorific value of about 18.7 MJ
  • Ash: 0.4%
  • Granulation: 6 mm
  • Total humidity: 5%
  • Packed in 15 kg bags


Wood pellets, class A2 Product quality parameters:

  • Calorific value about 17.5 MJ
  • Ash: 0.8%
  • Granulation 6mm
  • Total humidity 8.13%
  • Packed in 15 kg bags

In the offer of Al. Petroholding B.V. you can find high-class wood pellet. It is characteristic feature is high energy value. It is an attractive alternative to other forms of home heating. Fuel pellets are considered to be one of the cleanest fuels thanks to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. It can be used both for heating small single-family buildings as well as large public utility buildings or larger areas


Wood briquette RUF cube Product quality parameters:

  • Highly energetic
  • Ash: 0.56%
  • Moisture: 7.43%
  • Bagged

Wood briquette is made of strongly pressed, dried sawdust. Thanks to its comfortable use and fuel-efficient properties, it is considered one of the best fuel materials. Briquette is an excellent material for burning in fireplaces and fireplace stoves, it can also be successfully used in kitchen and tiled stoves.


Eco-pea coal Product quality parameters:

  • Ecological and efficient
  • The calorific value of about 27 MJ- 30MJ
  • Ash: 3-5%
  • Packed in 25 kg bags

The eco-pea coal we offer is high-quality fuel. Unlike other heating materials, it is characterized by a much lower emission of harmful substances, which makes it ecological. Dedicated to retort boilers with a mechanical feeder, which, however, does not exclude its proper combustion in grate or even tiled furnaces.

Liquid Fuel Distribution Division

The Al Petroholding's offer includes liquid fuels used primarily for combustion engines as well as for starting steam boilers, fuel points for heating and technological purposes.

Unleaded gasoline PB95

Fuel type with no values ​​harmful to the environment. One from main type of fuel gasoline to drive engines, aircraft and some other internal combustion engine files. Also used as a solvent.


Diesel fuel is primarily a fuel that is an energy source in internal combustion engines. In accordance with European regulations, diesel fuel up to 7% of biocomponents.

Heating oil

Heating oil is a novelty in the processing of crude oil. It consists of high molecular weight hydrocarbons. Due to its low price, it is used as: fuel for ship slow-speed piston tests, ship steam boilers and for start-up of energy steam boilers.

LPG gas

LPG is now an alternative combustion engine. Liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, is an extremely versatile gas with versatile applications in the home, agriculture, services, levers and as autogas. LPG is obtained either as a product or in the refining of crude oil. Small amounts are also obtained from natural gas deposits, usually at the start of a new borehole.