AL Petroholding B.V is an international energy and investment company headquartered in Amsterdam. Its main goal is to distribute high quality liquid fuels like petrol, gas oil and fuel oil. There is also LPG gas in the offer. Additionally, through the network of subsidiaries the company distributes alternative fuels such as coal, agricultural commodities and building materials. Our products are available throughout Europe.

An additional aspect of the company development is making investments by purchasing holdings or shares in existing economic initiatives operating in diverse areas of European economy.

We invite you to cooperate with us.

Our vision

Our main goal is to invest in all modern fuel oriented markets – accordingly modifying their products or replacing them with the low-carbon ones. What is more, another important attribute of our activity is diversification of investments. We focus not on one or a few, but on many investments what guarantees the long term profit.

Main goals

AL Petroholding B.V. has three main goals. Most of all, increasing the investment capital. The second goal is to invest in modern, low-carbon oriented companies. The third goal is to establish the best cooperation conditions with our partners.

Our strategy

AL Petroholding B.V. currently focus on expanding sales network and exchange points. We actively invest in development in countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia.

Investmen sector

AL Petroholding B.V. successfully invests in the energy sector and wide scope of power engineering. We are interested in liquid fuel, fossil fuel, renewable energy and low-carbon fuel markets. Our experts monitor global markets daily in search for the best companies with high investment potential.

Holding authorities

Michał Tarnacki
Chief executive oficer

Polish entrepreneur, Chairman of the Board AL Petroholding B.V., young generation leader, author and co-author of many industry projects on the domestic market. He gained his experience in different sectors, often building the company from a scratch. He has been working in power engineering since 2016, his activities are being concentrated on the development of the Group and future possibilities of conquering other markets in Europe. He holds strong executive power in holding.

Eryk Kralski
Chief operating officer

Experienced manager in the energy sector, entrepreneur with years of experience. Involved in power engineering since 2007. Graduate of the best domestic economical schools. In the AL Petroholding Group he has been challenged with coordinating main commerce operations both in major entities as well as subsidiaries. He gained his experience in private power engineering companies and held internships in national corporations.

Linas Petravićius
Chief financial officer

Former worker of the national leading company in Lithuania. Financial security of the Group depends on his knowledge in the field of finance and economy. Graduate of the Vilnius University Economy Department.

Milan de Vries
Chief marketing officer

Marketing expert. Higher education – marketing. Person responsible for coordinating the PR departments of all entities of the holding. Marketing campaigns of all entities of the holding are being established based on his experience in the business and knowledge in effective marketing. He provided his career in many key Dutch companies.

Karlis Marsaras
Chief technology officer

The usage of the newest technologies in modern business are his domain. He effectively supervises the validity of the chain supply and logistics. Experience and IT education are the key elements to maintain proper organisation and the IT Group management.